Holistic vision

Holistic vision care is an approach to vision care that looks at vision in relation to the whole body and its environment. Years ago a visit to the eye doctor usually meant you had an eye infection or a need for glasses. The holistic approach considers this and much more. For example, you donít just have one eye, you have two even though you are usually not conscious of using two. What happens if they do not work ideally as a team? What if your diet does not have adequate antioxidants and you are getting cataracts at 40? The nutrition in your diet (body) is your environment too, it is your internal environment.

The holistic approach is to look at not only the sharpness of vision but how the eyes work as a team in distance as well as close up activities. For example: many corporate executives have suddenly found that they have to do their own word processing and suddenly, though they see clearly, they now have symptoms such as headaches, words running together, loss of place with reading, etc. The problem with the eyes working as a team was always there but did not show up because they did not have to do the writing because the secretary used to do it. This problem can be permanently resolved with exercises but only if it is diag-nosed.....the holistic approach!

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